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The term ‘Sophrosynergi’ – is from the combination of the Greek words ‘sophrosyne’ and ‘synergia’.


Sophrosyne was the goddess of moderation, self-control, temperance, restraint and discretion, best described as harmonious balance. Synergia is the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects. I give the name Sophrosyne to the individual who embraces Sophrosynergi and lives a life true to his/ her own destiny.


Sophrosynergi is the name that I give the process through which human beings are designed to live and progress through their lives and eventually attain their destiny. This process is based on living a balanced life. If human beings attain their natural balance, they will naturally progress to higher and higher states of existence through synergy between the different forces of nature inherent within and outside us.


In the picture that Sophrosynergi stands for, you can see energy flowing through the human body. It must be able to flow without hindrance. The bluish orbs depict your energy concentrations. This is the fundamental structure of the human being. If he cannot achieve this, all that is done further will be wasted.


When I say balance I mean balance between your body, your mind, and your living energy. There are people who are aware of their living energy, there are people who are aware of their bodies, and there are people who are aware of their minds. However the imbalance within these people is their inability to recognize that all three are equally important for the survival of the whole. Balance cannot be achieved if all three are not connected and synchronized with each other.


However, Balance is easier said than done. To attain balance we must first understand ourselves and what we are.


Human Beings. What are we?



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