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Welcome to Sophrosynergi, something so new, so unique, yet at the same time it is as old as time itself. The wisdom has been passed down through the ages but has been heeded even less. Read on and join me to start a positive change in your life, and then together, we will change our world.


We all know that to be healthy and happy we must live a balanced lifestyle. This has oft been repeated, yet we live further from the truth than ever.

Today we live in a superficial world, where our minds have been brainwashed to accept certain things as truth. There is no end to the extent that the mind can be misled, as long as people are disconnected from within themselves. In this way people harm themselves and also affect those that they can. This is the base of all problems we face today.


If we look around us, ourselves included, we will notice how superficial our lives have become. Everything is about money. Our worth is measured by the amount of money we have, so every one of us is dreaming up ways to accumulate as much as we can, in the shortest possible time, in any way possible. We live to “look” good, to impress those around us. We see our self-worth in the eyes of others.


And that’s what the rat race is about. You are probably in it too. But human beings were not designed to be like that. We are better than rats. Much better. We are super-beings. We are at the top of the food chain for a reason.


So what is this about? This is about you. Me. Us. This is about understanding ourselves and living a balanced and happy life.


“Who am I? And what is my purpose in life?” How many times have you heard this question? How many times have you asked this question yourself? There are so many answers in so many different languages. But you will believe me when I tell you, because you will understand that it is the truth. But to understand there is just one thing. That ‘you’ must understand. Not your mind. But YOU.



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