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Today human beings live mostly in an illusion that human beings have created. They do not understand their real purpose in life, so they have created it. Every problem that we have in the world today is because of imbalance. It starts with the individual human being, and then it spreads to those around him, and then to those that are further influenced by them, and so on, until the imbalance is prevalent everywhere. Including with our environment.


I would say very few people live a balanced life, if at all. Actually I would say that I doubt anybody lives the balanced life that I am talking about. Take a look at some pictures, images we are probably familiar with. These are only a few pictures to bring your attention to some extremes that imbalance causes. But there are millions more. My question to you, do you think any of them seem normal or balanced? You might agree with one or none of them, and someone else's opinion might differ. But, the answer is – none of them. Yet all of them think they are. And they affect lives other than their own too. Ironic don’t you think? That we as human beings should be so divided on this one common fundamental aspect of our lives? Especially since happiness is pretty much the same for everybody.

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