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How do you start? How do you become a Sophrosyne? How do you get in balance and back to your true path?


1. Contact me and express your interest. We will schedule an interview, I can answer all your questions and if you are selected I will register you as a Sophrosyne and outline the program for your self-development. I must be clear that not everybody will be selected. Space is limited and so is time.


2. Initiation: Introduction to the philosophy of Sophrosynergi. This will be done by phone. 30 -45 minutes.

Once you have the basic understanding, you will be given a set of exercises to do. These are very easy and light exercises that you will do at your own pace, in your own home. No need for special equipment or going to any gym.  These exercises are designed to connect yourself from within. The basis of these exercises lie in yoga, meditation, martial art, Qigong, to name a few.

This will be by video conference and will take about 30-45 minutes. In person meetings may be available depending on location which will be discussed prior setting up of the appointment.

3. Ongoing Support: During this time you might need follow ups/ refreshers or just basic support. Support will be provided by email, phone, video conferencing and group classes.


4. Advanced: As you progress, you will become ready for the next level in your development. But only your progress will indicate if you are ready.



So are you ready to BELIEVE? ..... in yourself.




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