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About Me


I am not going to tell you a lot about myself. Because it is not important. I am not important. But what I am going to tell you is.


The information on this site is a collection of my beliefs and my way of life. I am no different than anybody else, except that maybe I am a little more aware of myself. That is the only difference between us, that we are all at different stages of awareness. But this awareness is crucial to personal development and survival, and progress. Hear what I have to say, but listen from within, rather than with only your mind.



My Purpose:


To show you the way to health and happiness. To guide you to true natural balance, and effectively change the way people live their lives today. Why? Because I know that that is my way to happiness. And it is my destiny.

All us humans have a destiny which is a small part in the bigger scheme of the common good. Sometimes it takes people a lifetime to understand what their destiny is, if at all, and all because we are brainwashed with superficiality which takes us away from our natural selves.

Yet there are those that realize that just having a lot of money doesn't make them happy and that their true happiness lies in the path of their destinies. I won't take names, but they know who they are.


I understand that not everybody is going to accept what I am saying, but I know that there are those that will. This is for them. The rest will understand in time.



To begin you must open your mind, forget what you have ever learnt, and go back to that time when you were truly happy and living a balanced life. If you never did, it is about time you gave yourself a chance. I am going to show you a way to connect with yourself, once you make that connection, you will never turn your back on yourself again. You will begin to live healthy and happy, and will be a positive influence on everybody around you. You will begin to understand your true purpose.


My vision is to start the change with you, and then eventually the world. We are going to start solving humanity's problems, rather than make more of them. I believe that if you heed my advice you will change your life forever. You will understand what true happiness is and will start to live a balanced life.





What you make of this is up to you. I can guarantee nothing, for it is completely up to you to take charge of yourself, your life, and make the right decisions.



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