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I -  Human


The Human Being is a super-being consisting of multiple systems which work together, and are designed to work together for harmonious overall development. For simplicity we will only consider the cardinal systems which are materially different from each other yet depend on each other to survive, develop and propagate.


This cardinal system consists of THREE:


The Body, the Energy that powers it, and the Mind. Balance can only be achieved when all these THREE progress at the same pace. Whenever one is out of balance i.e., is under or overdeveloped, you will start to suffer in some way. If this imbalance continues, this suffering will begin to show itself in different ailments, sicknesses and diseases, including mental sickness and depression. If still unchecked, ultimately it will end in death. But during this journey of imbalance, this negativity will also affect all those within this human's sphere of influence. However, if balance is achieved, and maintained, the human being will be able to progress in life and attain super human levels in all three cardinal systems with synergy. All human beings will be able to reach their natural destiny in this way. Through their individual destinies and synergy between us, the secret of the universe will be uncovered.


That is our purpose.


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